Ever since the Rock World Wiki went on for a while without a Chat Policy, the team finally agrees to make this rule that everyone on chat should follow.

1.No spamming for no reason

2.No bad jokes

3.No swearing

4.No cussing*

5.No banning,firing, and kicking anyone from chat**

6.No talking about Muffinmon345***

7.No bullying

8.No name calling

9.No blackmailing

10.No making bad rules

11. Don't break the Chat Policy

'*Admins are the only ones that can do it

'**Rock World Owner, Twinkie102 and rock world Co-Owner, Frimmolino are the only who have permission to do this

'***Makes users, (such as Twinkie102,Frimmolino, Ally67, Rhysw2002, and Kiara/Neiria) get mad at Muffinmon345 for giving rules that users didn't like and not being nice.