Around the time I am making this blog, It is 3:10 am (GMT+4). I am not available around these times but who cares! I actually made this blog to say this, Custard the evil bird clone (from the CPWiki), has heard about Rock World by me ACCIDENTALLY (I mean it) saying to Twink and Neiria "Cya best video game designer ever". He wanted to be staff when me, Twinkie and Neiria said we were still making Rock World. When Twink realized he had no experience, he kindly told Custard he couldn't join. When Custard saw that he just became mad. And we sort of made a fight on the CPWiki. He even said Rock World is FAKE and he won't beleive it is real UNLESS he becomes a staff member. I only made this blog to inform you guys about earlier. It happened around 2:10 AM (GMT +4). Neiria can't stop bugging me to add her to this blog. -.- If Neiria is reading this RIGHT NOW please add yourself.

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