I, Frimmolino, member of RW Staff am proud to announce that the muffin menace has been succesfully repelled. Muffinmon345 and Muffingirl321 have both been banned from chat forever and banned from this wiki for 100K Years.

The ban parameters are the following:

Dear Muffin,
  • You are not allowed to create new accounts .
  • You are not allowed to post on your talk page.
  • You are not allowed to email other users.
  • You are being monitored by RW Wiki Staff; BeWare!

Muffin also vandalized the following pages:


but they have been reverted succesfully...

Furthermore, she appeared on CPYS and insulted RW and its staff

I will look further into Muffin's return and monitor her wiki activity. I will expand on that in my next Report!

General Frimm out...

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