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  • I was born on January 31
  • My occupation is learning more about cp from zuri655 (my cousin)
  • I am Lolz (im pretendin')
  • Neiria005

    Blocked for Proof

    September 3, 2012 by Neiria005

    Ok, Twinkie!

    Blocked again, been there, done that. Found I was a sockpuppet, same attitude as me, got blocked by Awesome A.K.A worst wikia mate ever. So be careful in what you do and say.So Twinkie if there's an online game for audults, please don't say anything about your age. Plus without telling my age, I got blocked for proof. So whatever you do, DO NOT go to the CPWC anymore. I don't want you to get blocked. So never EVER, go to the CPWC.

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